The Legend of El Toron

Dave Greene, illustrated by Sunga Park

children's illustrated fiction
$TBD, 40 pages
ISBN 978-1-56279-140-7

On a ranch in the desert there lived a bull unlike any other. His name was El Toron. This is the true story of a great fighting bull in Mexico who faced three matadors in one day, and who, through his bravery, led his entire species back into the wild following a thousand years of captivity. This book is a tribute to courage and perseverance, and how adherence to those qualities can eventually lead to freedom.

Dave Greene is the Executive Vice President of Project Management for Wunderman Thompson Health, the CEO of Shinto, and the inventor of Repstyle. He lives in Maryland with his wife Kami, his son Bryce and their little pig Pippet. This is his first book.

Sunga Park is a published artist, graphic designer and freelance illustrator. She is currently living in Asia painting watercolors and sketching the architecture.